Trans in first pic has a brand new 2.95 gearset, new carbon fiber blocker rings, sliders, shift fork pads, bearings, seals, steel bearing retainer and biller cluster support plate. $1300

trans in 2nd pic is a promotion that was rebuilt with new carbon fiber blocker rings, seals, bearings, shift fork pads, new cluster,input and 3rd gear. Also has a billet cluster support plate and 3-4 billet keys and cones with a tri-ax knock off shifter(no handle)

both of these also have the .59 5th gear and were shimmed properly on all tolerances. I can also build one to your specifications just shoot me a message as i have more cores a available. I can also ship these if need be. Shipping will be roughly $150

814-251-3731 if youprefer to text for fast responses. Thanks guys