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pls bear with me, I dont know much about car audio.

I am interested in just adding a little bass to my mach 460.
I already have a half-decent set of JL subs & a amp.
I came across this article yesterday....

has anyone done this?
will it work ok or will it add distortion, long term probs, etc?
reason why I ask - I have heard of a few friends in the past adding subs to the mach and they said after a while it starts to sound like crap and they replaced the whole mach setup.

Also the line converter they mentioned - where could I pick one of these up (circuity city, BB, etc?) and are there different types?

Again, sorry if these questions are elementary for some of you guys.

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People have run adaptors like that both ways-either tapping into the signal before the amps or after. Either way will work, and both will provide decent bass for your setup.

Circuit City ought to carry the line-level adaptor you need, or any local audio shop would have one as well. Places like Walmart supposedly do as well, but several people here have said they had nasty interference problems with that model. That may be what you have heard about in the past-just buy a quality adaptor and you shouldn't have any problems.

For what its worth, I had 2 subs running off my 98 GT Mach system using the speaker-level adaptor method and it worked great for as long as I had the car.
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