Trim:Lx notch
8.50 cert ROLLER with swing out bars parachute mount, window net very clean strut towers floors and undercarriage very light car flaming river, manual rack stock hood was gutted under underneath for clearance could use a hood
-upr sbf member and lower arms
- old school qa1 coil overs leak definitely need replacement
-upr rear upper and lower arms poly bushings double adjustable, Q1A shocks
Rear end
-strange 5 lug c clip axles
-moser carrier support diff cover
-373 motor sport gears new hydraulic clutch Malwood pedal assembly
  • front and rear sn95 cobra brake conversion
  • rotors have surface rust for not being moved around
  • calipers are new
new stainless steel brake lines, 93 cobra power booster and master cylinder all new
  • definitely not a show car
  • where ever there was surface rust was sanded down and primed (both front fenders, corner of windshield)
  • right fender has 5" hole
  • chromoly tubular radiator support (bottom)
  • chromoly tubular front and rear bumper support -stock dash gutted
  • removed heater box
  • light weight seats(same weight as kirkey)
need new seat brackets
  • Scott rod center counse
  • Scott rod heater control blank
  • power windows still work
  • 8.50 cert cage ( has another year left) mild steel behind seats, front Chormeoly has fuel cell battery in trunk on off switch and all new line an 10 feed 8 return e85 line AEROMOTIVE eliminator in line pump and speed control for pump all wired working head lights and directionals. MSD 7al-plus 2 with coil wired up all factory wires was replaced with a wire panel very nicely done