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I have a prolevel racing 250R for trade for a mustang.
Complete lonestar racing chromemoly chassis.
Lonestar 2+2 chrome A-arms
Lonestar chrome swingarm
Lonestar chrome steering stem
Lonestar aluminum breather box
Lonestar excalibur +4 axle, anti-fade nut, billet sprocket hub
sidewinder chain and sprockets
Mark Baldwin- PEP zero preload shocks all the way around
TC Racing built transmission with billet fly cut gear set
LRD Pro national 295cc big bore cylinder and billet head (NEW)
Chrome LRD pipe and silencer
LRD rad valve
LRD rev box
LRD lightened billet flywheel
TC Racing national 258cc cylinder
Pro ged nerfs
bead locks
riken ralials, and turf tamers
New oem honda plastic
new seat and cover
Pro taper bars
Lots of chrome
This is a prolevel bike that I raced for two year, You will never have to worry about breaking parts or being out biked.
Let me know what you have. I will add cash for nice car.

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a guy was on here about a week that wanted a quad for his mustang u sould do a search to find him i can't think of his name. it was on the windsor parts board

good luck sounds like a nice bike

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Hey, just wandering if you were still interested in the caged coupe, tremec and 306, last time you emailed me, you said you were, but you havent responded back with me since, please get back with me.

[email protected]
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