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Im posting this ad for my 1987 ford turbocoupe. Its time to let go of my car and sit in something different. Im looking for a stick car whatever you have let me know. The car has 118000 orginal miles on the body and the bottom end of this motor has 65k.

The bottom end of the motor is stock. Has arp head studs with a mildly ported head. Ranger roller cam and bigger springs have been added. Along with intake and exhaust runner work and major bowl work. The head has less the 35 miles on it.

Stock e6 mainfold with a .60/.69 t3 turbo on it...

.60/,69 t3 turbo
bbk fuel pressure regulator
bbk 255 inline fuel pump
16 gallon fuel cell
3 inch turbo back exhaust dumped at the axle
blow thro large vam
a4ld auto trans
trans cooler
[email protected] air filter
ac belt delete
aem wideband
autometer boost guage
5 inch tach
front mount
2 1/2 intercooler piping
gillis boost control

Basic upgrades is what the car is based around. I have it set at 12 psi and pulls very hard for a auto car. The car should go 13.8 with the setup. The car is on snowflake rims and stock suspension.

There are flaws. The car is on a very rich tune with a 11.6 afr but runs very well. The turbo blows a bit of smoke but its driveable. It could use a little more tuning and the body has a rust problem on rear quarter panel. Ur also guna have to throw a blowoff valve on if you choose too..

I have plenty of pics just gimme emails

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