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SOLD 5.0,HO,GT,5spd ! Hatchback First the bad !This car has a crap paint job ! Looks like they taped the windows and shot everything else ! 5 speed is busted and out of car. Someone stole my wheels so it has doughnuts on it.Started to work on it, but lost interest (prefer older 69 or 70 fastbacks) and lack of funds for tranny caused work to stop ! Now the good !! Has E7TE block, motor is good (approx 129,xxx mls), Have a set of long tube headers that go with it. Also part of the package ,is an 87" LX Hatchback (parts only,NO title) , was 4 cyl.,auto (motor & tranny gone), lots of parts! $1500 for both ,may trade to motorcycle , will not seperate ! Any questions ask! Not sure how to post pics , but have them ! Thanks ...cougar... P.S. can see pics in fox body mustangs ,titled > 1987 ugly stang <
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