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I would like to buy a door for my 90 fox. So, pref. a power door from an 87-93 stang with all the guts (glass, motor, lock actuator) still intact.

I have checked into shipping one of these doors and its pretty ridiculous so I would like to find one within reasonable driving distance. I live on the Florida panhandle near Pensacola.

Color doesn't matter, interior panels or mirror doesn't matter with or without. Just needs to be a fully functional door with a clean exterior and no rust.

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I may have PM'ed you this before but I've got a Red one that is Rust Free and all intact. Will not come with the Outside Mirror or Door Lock but is otherwise complete, a Power Door with all interior mechanics, rust free and Dent free.
It came off of a 93 Hatchback and will fit all 87-93 Coupes or Hatchbacks.

$300.00 inluding shipping but I will only ship it through Greyhound Package express.
For additional shipping details or pictures, e-mail me direct at; [email protected]

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