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WTB: 94+ mustang GT hard top..Willing to do trade

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Im looking to buy a 94+ realitively cheap mustang GT with decent miles..95k and less...5-speed and coupe ONLY! I have a 92 bimini blue hatch back 5-speed with low miles for trade if anyone was willing to do so...Car must be in decent condition..Nothing major wrong wiht it..Paint in decent condition, interior in goodcondition...ANd must be reliable, nothing that leaks or breaks down periodically..I need a good reliable everyday driver. If u have want I want or may be interested in my hatchback I have for sale, let me [email protected] live in Roxboro, NC 27574...Willing to trade up to 150 miles to look/purchase vehicle or do a trade...maybe further depending on deal..

Blake G
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