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Well I'm ready to look into finding me a nice ready to drive clean notchback.
I'm willing to fly or drive to buy. Distance isn't an issue as long as the car is in proper service for long distance trip back to Texas. I prefer to buy something with everything functioning as should with zero to minimal issues. If any are there please be truthful, it won't scare me away. It'll allow me to know exactly what it will cost to correct said issues. Looking for something with no dents, no rust, no misaligned body, no whacky paint. I'm wanting to be able to drive the car a few days out the week so NO TRACK CARS

V8 (stock or built)
Clean interior (stock is good)
Mods are ok
Manual transmission
5Lug conversion
A/C is a +
Colors:Silver, Grey, Blue, Red, Black, maybe white
1 - 19 of 19 Posts