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Well, normally I can figure these things out but I am stumped. This weekend, I put in a stage 1 TFS cam, and TFS heads, intake and t-body. The project went very smoothly and everything went back together perfectly. I am getting spark and gas but can't get the engine to start. It turns over but just won't start.

I'm pretty certain the timing is good. Just to be sure, I pulled the number 1 plug and cranked the engine until I got compression and then turned the crank to about 2 or 3 degrees. That should be close enough to get it running.

To set the valves I turned the engine until the exhaust lifter started to move up, then adjusted to zero lash with another 3/4 turn. Next, I turned the engine over until the intake opened and went back down and set to zero lash and gave it another 3/4 turn.

I continued with the remaining cylinders. This should set them right.

Before I rip down the top of the engine again to check to see if the valves are too tight, I was hoping that someone may have some ideas.

I also have all of the vaccuum lines connected.

Anyone have any clues? Thanks Corral!!!
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