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Just wanted to let anyone who has this front brake kit that if they are experiencing an inconsistant brake pedal that there is a fix. I race and open track my car and have found that due to pad kickback the brake pedal will sometimes be high when I have to brake and sometimes its goes down much further. i always have full brakes, its just that the pedal goes down further then normal. A quick pump or two and the brake pedal is back to normal.

I fixed this problem by using 2 of Wilwoods check valves, one for each caliper. I used the 2 lb version per Wilwoods recomendation.
I installed then in line to each caliper by fitting a 3/16 brake line to 1/8 pipe adaptor on the MC end of the check valve and a 1/8 pipe to -3 AN fitting to match up with my SS brake lines. I mounted them at the subframe where the SS line from the caliper attaches to the car.

I raced the car at RA this past weekend and had a good pedal every time I needed to brake. The pedal did get a bit soft only when I used the brakes very hard (Hot fluid) but they came back as soon as I give them time to cool.
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