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I have given up on finding a decently priced yellow 94-95 GT 5 speed, so back to something else.

Looking for a white or black 94-95 Cobra for a decent price, $8000-$12000 lightly modded dreamers need not apply. NO TAN INTERIOR! NO AC DELETE CARS! NO VERTS! NO AUTO CONVERSIONS! NO SALVAGE TITLES! NO RUST CARS!

Looking for a stockish car, lightly modded, or something that has some drivetrain or fuel system mods, such as a stronger transmission than a "rebuilt" T5 (Astro T5, G Force T5, Tremec 3550, T56, etc), will consider a blower/turbo car as well, depends on what it is, and for how much. If the car has been listed here or on craigslist recently, I have likely already seen it. This thread is more for the lurkers, or people on the fence about selling.

Looking within 600ish miles of Northwest Florida area.
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