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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read, my question... will the springs from a newer mustang fit my 1992 LX 5.0?? from what I have read I think they will but woul like to be sure.

Also another important thing is that I do not want to drop the car any, its my daily driver and I drive on verry chitty roads and also I have a few drivways that are kinda steep... so to keep factory/stock height, can I use springs from a 1994 - 2002 stang? also is there a diffrence between the convertible springs and the non-conv. springs? what would happen should I use the springs from a 1997 convertible stang?

Also would it make a difference if I replaced the rubber isolaters on the bottom/top of each spring? if so where can I get the polyurethane spring isolaters.

Thanks for reading!! and thank you for any and all replies!!!
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