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I was washing my '95 today and for some reason I noticed the front rotors are different! The pass side is cross drilled, and the drivers is solid! Must have been some kind of dummy to do that! Anywho, I'm currently looking at three possible replacement rotor sets;

EBC(slotted)-$186 set
Powerslot(slotted)-$202 set
Brembo(slotted)-$203 set

Any good or bad experiences with these?

Also gonna replace the pads with one of the following;

EBC greenstuff
Hawk HPS
SBS protouring

Any thoughts?

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Of those three rotors I'd go with the Brembo. Or forget the slotting and get the best-quality plain-face ones you can get, saving money in the process while not hurting performance.

Of those pads, I'd get the Hawks, only because the jury seems to be all over the place on EBC, and I'm not familiar with SBS. Hawk is a known and proven entity.
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