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I am asking some advice on an engine choice dilemma:

I have on the engine stand a practically brand new DSS Low comp short block that I was planning to run with blow-thru carb Turbo system.

I have on the garage floor a 1974 351W that needs rebuilt (at least rings and bearings as it was sitting in the elements for years).

The 306 has a F cam and is studded (mains and rods) and has a FRPP balancer installed.

I am on a tight budget and will be for a few more years (until I graduate grad school).

The car is in the process of being carbed and has a C4 with a manual VB.

Should I keep the 306 and run my original plan or sell it and use the money to build the 351 and run some nitrous?

Unfortunately the heads that I can afford are going to be either heavily ported E7's or the 74 Windsor heads.

Just looking for some opinions.

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