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What oil is everyone using

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I need to run a high zinc oil per my cam card instructions from Ed Curtis and was wondering what everyone else is using. Talked to a lot of guys running the Rotella T4 diesel oil and they like it but I hear they reduced the zinc content recently to meet new standards. Just wondering what everyone else is using with good results. Let me know, thanks.
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Mobile1 with one 12oz bottle of Prolong PSL11000.

Is it NA or turbo or supercharged?

I say 10-30 unless told different.

Read the PI sheet on them.



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Vr1 conventional.
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Joe Gibbs Driven 20-50w semi synthetic
Mobil 1 synthetic 10w30
I have no issues with using Rotella T5 or the Valvoline equivalents.
I’ve used the VR-1 conventional, seems to do the trick.

FWIW the amazon prices fluctuate wildly, I’ve gotten a case as low as $28 and seen it as high as $57. I usually buy a couple when it’s under $35 or so.
Royal Purple HPS and Penn Grade 1 are good choices.
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Here is a good link for detail on zinc content in Mobil 1 oils.

I ran M1 0w40 in my last radical cam car.

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If you need high zinc Royal Purple hps. I run Amsoil in my 03 cobra and Mobil 1 or royal purple in my 90 coupe.

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ZRod Amsoil currently, previously was a Royal Purple user.

Haven't had any oil or oil system related issues with either. Years ago had a bearings wipe out on a new rebuild after a few months with Mobil1 but the machine shop assumed it was bad bearings, cleaned the block up, lined up the mains and gave me a new set of bearings.
I use Amsoil ZRod as well. A bit pricey but been using Amsoil in everything I own besides my lawnmower for 15 years;-)
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VR1... after that it depends on which motor and all that
10w-30 Mobil 1. However I'm thinking about switching to the euro spec 0w-40 mobile 1
I run Amsoil & Mobil1,
Found this Costco has Kirkland Synthetic now,

Costco has “synthetic” oil out and it’s only $3 a quart. I heard it’s a group 3 oil, not as good as a group 4, but I don’t know for sure it it’s a group 3.
It’s $29.99 for two 5 quart jugs. I read in some stores it’s $24.99 only $2.50qt. I haven’t seen it yet.

Group III base oils are subjected to the highest level of refining of all the mineral oil stocks. Although not chemically engineered, they offer improved performance in a wide range of areas as well as good molecular uniformity and stability. By definition they are considered a synthesized material and can be used in the production of synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants. Group III is used in the vast majority of full synthetics or synthetic blends. They are superior to group I and II oils but still have limitations. Some formulations are designed for extended oil changes. AMSOIL XL Motor Oils, Castrol Syntec and many others fall into this category.

Group IV are polyalphaolefins (PAO) which are a chemically engineered synthesized basestocks. PAOs offer excellent stability, molecular uniformity and performance over a wide range of lubricating properties. AMSOIL SAE Synthetic Motor Oils and Mobil 1 primarily use group IV basestocks. PAO is a much more expensive basestock than the highly refined petroleum oil basestock of Group III.
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