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I'm looking for ideas for cheap power (under $400) that I could do next. My best time is 14.1 @ 96mph w/ a 1.95 60ft., with the following mods. 3.73's, 76mass, 70mmTB, Mac ferder cai, Mac longtubes, borla mufflers, pulleys, shortbelt, advanced timing.
I'm running nitto dr's and have HPM lower control arms. No front sway bar. No back seat. It's an 88 hatchback LX

I've already got some drag springs to put in, and I'm moving the battery to the back.

My times are a little slow due to smoked clutch, which is in the process of being changed. And I've got some et streets coming as well.

Am I maxed out as far as stock heads, cam, intake go?
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