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Just trying to get some ideas of what these cars are capable of weighing. I'm not sure what my car weighs but here's what's gone or switched so far:

92 LX coupe (carbureted)

front bumper and supports
fiberglass hood
15x8 and 15x3 draglites
aluminum heads
electric fan and aluminum overflow can
a/c and all related parts
power steering and all related parts
smog pump
aluminum pulleys
switching to upr chromoly tubular k-member, a-arms and coilovers this weekend
front swaybar
windshield washer tank
2 vacuum canisters inside the fenders
wiper arms and motor
center console and armrest
sound deadening material under carpet, on floor and behind interior panels
heater core and a/c box under dash
aluminum driveshaft
iron 'dogbone' on rearend
rear swaybar
back seat, brackets and seatbelts
spare tire, jack and sound deadening material in trunk
switched to RCI race buckets and 5 pt harnesses
switched factory gas tank to 10 gallon polyethylene fuel cell
rear bumper support and brackets
speakers and all stereo equipment and wiring

added subframe connectors
soon to be adding 8 pt chromoly roll bar

what's next?

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1985 coupe, weighs 2700 without me.

This is what I have done so far:

Fiberglass hood
remove both bumpers and all mounts
removed all a/c and heater assembly from under the dash
remove wiper motor and windshield wiper linkage
remove passenger side seat and rear
remove carpet and tar paper underneath
completely gutted passenger side door
remove cruise control assembly from driver's side fender
remove front & rear sway bar
remove charcoal cannister from under hood
remove alternator
draglite rims
remove vibration damper from rearend
remove exhaust
remove parking brake cables and the pieces that control it in the rear brake assembly
drill holes in non-load bearing places

This is stuff I'm going to do:

Install racing seat
Remove gas tank and replace with fuel cell
Remove some of the things I probably missed under the dash
Maybe gut the driver's side door
Aluminum driveshaft
Chromemoly K-member
Lighter weight racing skinny tires

I hope after all this I can get the weight down to around 2500.

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what about a lighter weight battery, aluminum flywheel, lightweight starter, ditch the g/f, loose the owners manual, lightweight carpet, aluminum pedals, remove airbag and cruise.
You could install fiberglass doors and lexan windows :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

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Just under 2800 pounds (without my fat ass in it):eek:

I thought I'd removed/hacked/ripped out everything that doesn't make it go straight and fast, but listening to the weights of other guys cars, obviously I haven't!!!!!:rolleyes:

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Start with a '79-'80 chassis. I heard that they use a thinner sheet metal saving 200lbs weight over later year chassis.

It wasn't hard getting my '79 down to 2300lbs. Things I haven't removed are rear bumper. Still have all steel body work and heads.

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My heavy vert is down to 3300lb w/150lb me. I removed:
smog pump
dog bone rearend wieght
jack and spare(replaced with fix-a-flat and air pump)
front sway bar
insulation under carpet and backseat
lining under hood and in trunck
insulation in fenderwells
And this is some of the heavier stuff I added:
strut tower brace
N2O system

I think my car is pretty light for a daily driven vert, it still has a power top, power steering(though they're probably next to go) and a full interior. I'm sure it helps that my car came with crank windows and manual locks.

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Fully loaded + 2-10"subs & amp + 1/2 tank = 3085lbs.
No efforts have been made to lighten the car.

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last time I weighed my 88 with me it was 3580 :) oink!
Im about 195

and it has alum heads and glass hood...
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