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stock block
TFS track heat heads
TFS street heat intake
TFS stage 1 came
Crane 1.6rr

im buying 6.7 and 6.75 length rods without checking.. but ill also be buying a rod checker from summit at the same time.. whats the chances of 6.7 or 6.75 working?

why am i doin it this way? b/c ill be goin out of state to install everything.. i dont have the tools to do it at my house so i gotta hope and guess right without knowing

if anybody with TF items with similiar combos can please post me there rod lengths.. maybe it would give me a good idea.. or does those lengths seem close?

full combo.

TF track heat heads
TF street heat intake
TF full gasket kit set
TF Stage 1 cam
Pro-M MAS conversion 75mm bullit
Holley 190 fuel pump
3.73 gears
New oil pan gasket
70mm TB
egr spacer
crane 1.6rr
Ford racing lifters
24# injectors

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6.7 worked fine for me and 6.75 works fine for others. You will be fine.
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