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Ok here is my rant. I went to WFC today to watch since my stupid car won't run right. So they are doing round 1 qualifing for all the classes. Now on every class they tell the car/driver for both lanes. That is up until Modular street...During most of the modular street races they were discussing the car show section=(. Then to top it off Tim Palmer Runs a NICE [email protected] or so( I know the time is right, but I'm not positive about the MPH). GRATS TO PALMER!!! What a car that thing is... Anyway, But they never even say the time or the driver when he runs that...about 5 minutes later, a 4v goes like 11.2 and they start talking about how fast it was:confused: . WTF is that about.

Sorry for the rant but someone has to do it.

BTW Again Grats to Tim Palmer in the turbo 4V...that is one nice ass car. I did not see what his second qualifing time was as it got way late and cold and I was pissed so I left.
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