Old post expired. Had these listed before for just the wheels, however I decided to sell the wheels with the tires as Im going with slicks. These are brand new never used (wheels and tires). Wheels are 15x8 with a 5" back spacing. They weigh hardly anything and have the billet center section with 5x4.5 lug spacing. The tires are 275/60/15 and also never used. Had them mounted and decided I wanted to go slicks with car instead so didnt want to waste my time using these. I also need a wider wheel on my car as its minitubbed and I didnt like how far in the wheels sat in the fender with my narrowed rear.

These wheels took me about 6 months on back order to get and the tires took even longer. The wheels from Summit I paid $675/each for, I believe they are $696 now and on back order. For those that havent used these tires, they are about the stickiest treaded drag radial you can buy, Ive used them in the past and they dead hook on cars that have 450-500hp. The tires are $290/each. I have about $2000 into this setup and its sitting here taking up space. I will sell them for $1300. Youre saving $700 on a brand new never used set, plus the tires are already mounted. Per M&H, the tires will need a good burn out, then need balanced (that is what I was told to do by them to balance the best for high MPH passes that my car is capable of). Im willing to ship but just know its going to be $100+ easy for shipping.
If any question feel free to ask