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Weld Racing RTS polished Bigs & Littles on my lava red 2012

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Here are some pics of my 2012 Mustang with the Weld Racing polished RTS wheels 17x4 & 15x10 Hoosier QTP 28x11.50x15 & M&H 185/55/17 tires

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Did they bolt right on or did you have to use the BFH on the rear inner fenders?
I have the same wheels on my car with M/T 275/60/15 drag radials. There is a ton of space between the tire and in inner wheel well. The closest thing to the tire is the bump stop bracket. Guys have used a air hammer to remove them for more clearance. I swear, with the right backspace, you could fit a 12" wide slick in there. haha
Any issue clearing the Calipers in the rear? Or do the RTS offer the clearance the other 15" aftermarket wheels don't offer.
They have three different mounting pad heights for the RT-S wheels. There is a "high", "medium" and 'low' pad height. The rears need the medium pad height. The fronts with the "high" pad height clears the Brembo brakes. Weld's website has an application chart for Ford HERE. Very easy to read and understand.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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