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I was asked to sticky this. Lets see how useful it is to you all.

Can you make a sticky thread for FAQ's about doing a Weld wheel swap? I searched a number of threads to collect the information I posted here in a thread in the SOHC forum:

I am going through this same thing on a friends car.

As far as the Welds go it is: 15x8 wheel 5.5" backspacing (bs), 15x10 wheel 6.5" bs. The 15x3.5 pro-star/draglites only come in the 1.75" bs. The lug pattern for a Ford is 5x4.5". You can see the list here:

I found out that Mr. Gasket 7/16" spacers have been known to give enough clearance for the skinnies without grinding the calipers, but really need to have 3" wheel studs installed for safety.

You'll need to order new lugnuts for the welds because they use a shank-type lug due to the two piece wheel design. I got the long shank McGuard lugs from Summit.

For the rear the stock studs will work but if you plan on running slicks, or for an extra safety margin, you'll have to get 3" studs. I got 10 ARP studs because the Moroso studs have a reputation for wearing out fast.

As far as the front wheel studs go I found that Baer Racing sells some special fit ARP studs that drop right in with no modifications to the wheel stud holes. You'll have to call them at 1-602-233-1411 to order the studs. Let me warn you though they are over $70.00 for a set of 10 plus shipping! To me it was worth it for not having to worry about drilling out the holes to a larger size.
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