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Thanks for the welcome!

My name is Matty. I'm the internet director for Adamson Ford in Birmingham, AL and we're a new sponsor of the forum. We're a full line SMS (saleen) dealer as well. We decided to sponsor the forums to reach a market of enthusiastic and loyal Ford customers and offer them better incentives and parts as a reward.

We will be hosting events throughout the year and are in discussion to do some driving events at the world-class Barbers Motorsports Park as well as Little Talledega and a pair of our local drag strips.

We are also putting together parts packages if anyone is interested. Need to do a 60k service? We'll throw everything you need for your vehicle into a bundle for you and give you a great price on it. IF there is anything specific you'd like to see just let us know!

We are going to BLOW OUT new car prices as well if you happen to be in the market for a new Ford. We are the oldest Ford dealer in the state and have the top 2 volume Ford salespeople on our staff. These 2 guys alone do more deals than a couple other ENTIRE dealerships here. We also ship nationally and globally if you're not happy with your local dealer. We'd love to take care of you!

We'll monitor the site pretty regularly but feel free to pm, email or call me directly if I'm not responding fast enough.

Matty P
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