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Hi all,

As the subject says, I'm looking for a '94 or '95 GT or Cobra. I'm pretty picky as far as condition is concerned, so please, no repaints or rough runners. I am a cash buyer and am willing to travel as far as Texas for the right car (I'm in CA).

Here's exactly what I want:

5 speed
Black, Silver, or Green ext
Black interior
Pref. leather, but cloth will do
Mileage under 85K, lower is better
No accidents or resprays
Clean original paint and interior, everything works
Maintenance history would be nice
No equipment removed (A/C, smog, etc.)
Some mods OK, but I don't want a $10,000 S/C, slick'd monster that "runs 11's all day long" or some kid's beater with "18's, quad subs and neon"

Thanks for looking. You can PM me or email me @ redline76"at"

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