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Wanted: 1994+ Mustang GT

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so finally i can buy myself a mustang...i am looking for a 94+ Mustang Gt with a manual tranny in it. my spending limit is around $6500 and i guess it doesnt really matter if it has leather or any of those other fancy options although it would be nice. as long as the body is in good condition and there arent any major problems its all good. if you have one for sale or know of one for sale lemme know or email me at [email protected]

thank you!
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i have a 94 yellow gt manual... Canary yellow its a rare color and looks great... I bought the car two weeks ago it was in a accident... Going 15 miles an hour... I drive it now it runs great but it needs a new bumper, hood, and air bag covers and the windshield has a crack in it.. None of this effects it from driving... I drive it now and I still recieve tons of compliments.... I bought it for 5700 I will sell it anywhere close to that figure because I want a truck or jeep..... I will also trade if you have a truck or a jeep... Email me at [email protected]
thanks for the offer, the front bumper and hood arent that big of a problem but the fact that the windshield is cracked and if the airbags are blown. i just sold my jeep 2 weeks ago, if i still had it i might have considered it. thanks for the offer though!
i have a 94 mustang for sale...check my add
I have a 1994 GT auto, that is in great shape. I know that you are looking for a five speed but just in case you don't find one chck my ad out.
qkjuicedpony....where is your ad? if you could send me a link that would be great!
where is minnetonka? you looking for something local? whats your email and ill send ya some pics.
its about 25 minutes away from minneapolis. it would be great if i could find something local but i am willing to drive if i find something nice! my email address is [email protected] thank you!
chuckdeez...hows the overall condition of the car? it has a lot of parts on it so i am just curious if those parts had any affect on the car. all the parts seem high quality. is the interior cloth or leather? i guess if you could just tell me the overall condition of it that would be great.
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