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I bought this kit last summer with 400 miles on the kit, I used it for about 600 miles, installed an 8 rib kit. This kit with the crank pulley included will produce about 11 or 12psi.
Kit comes with the Following
- Vortech v3 sci headunit and mounting plate for 302 w/bov
- C&L 90MM MAF
- Walboro 255 LPH fuel pump
- Anderson powerpipe
- 8 rib one piece crank pulley, 6" serpentine and 6.7" for blower

Asking $2300 shipped for everything!

I have many more parts for this car as I was turning it into a race car over the winter and ended up buying a 04 cobra and have decided to put my money into it.

TEXT me for quickest response 6602870921, I will reply to PMs as well, just may not be as fast.

I will take 1500 + fees and shipping this week only for supercharger, bracket, and intake pipe!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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