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Kit has head unit with a #10 pulley, brackets belt, shims, early Anderson power pipe, clamps, rubber couplers, bosch bypass valve, oil feed/return lines, crank/water pump pulleys, Vortech Trex inline fuel pump, discharge tube, DSS oil pan adapter plate for oil discharge, 42# injectors with a Pro Flo Maf for 42# injectors, Vortech FMU, Vortech/MSD BTM, Ive owned it for about 3 years now and have put 500 miles tops on it, no track passes, occasional highway pulls. Blower Pulls strong and no oil leaks, Ive seen as much as #11 with the power pipe on although the pulley is for #10. seals seem to be in good shape. Getting rid of my toys.

Only thing off hand that you would need would be some vacuum lines and some wiring for the Fuel Pump, some heater hose, and some silicone for the oil return line. Ill send an installation manual as well.

$2050 Shipped. located in St. Louis

Setup is still on car.
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