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Upper/lower intake for sale

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Hello, i am considering swapping my efi parts for carb. This is what i have

Victor 5.0 EFI upper & lower intake(painted black)

BBK 70mm Throttle Body

24 pound injectors(blue top) with maf meter to match(brand unknown)

BBK Cold Air intake(i will throw in a new air filter also)

These parts are not brand new, but they have less than 1000 miles on them while they were on my motor(except for the c.a.i.

The intake was painted before i bought it and it isn't what you would call pretty, but i have not had any issues with it and i felt a signifcant difference between that and my stock intake...that goes without saying i guess. The intake has nicks on it as if it was handled rough before, but it doesn't affect performance. anyone that can paint can fix it... there is a hairline crack at the bolt location in the front that connects the upper to the lower. i haven't had any issues as far as leaking is concerned.

if you have any questions, please let me know...

i was told that this would be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 800.00. i will accept best offers. i am not trying to break anyone, but i dont want to give it away either...
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