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Okay, so I did a quick search and didn't find what I wanted (19x10:search). I would love to sit around and read the forums like I used to, but don't have the time.

So, here are the questions:

1995 Cobra hardtop vert on H&R (IIRC they're red or Super Sport)

Option 1:

19x10 +40 all around (staggered tires though)

Option 2:
19x8.5 +34 front
19x10 +40 rear

I am willing to use spacers since I'm upgrading the studs. I just need need to know what offsets and rim sizes I can run in the 19" range. I don't want anything smaller than a 19x9 though.

Thanks in advance. If you have a link that I may have missed, feel free to post it up.
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