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I've had a Tweecer RT on my '89 since the early/mid '00s. For a long, long time, I've had a .bin file saved to position #5 with the firing order set to all 0s. That gives me a primitive anti-theft device - if I disconnect the Tweecer switch, the tune defaults to position #5, and the car will crank all day but won't start.

That was fine, until I recently accidentally started the car without the Tweecer switch installed. Huh, that shouldn't work, I thought to myself.

So, just now I reloaded all 5 positions on the Tweecer, once again putting the all 0s firing order on #5. I unplugged the Tweecer switch and attempted to start the car - no joy, would crank but not start, as I expected. I turned the ignition off. I plugged the switch back in and turned the dial to #1, then attempted to start the car - no joy again, would crank but not start. Hmmmm... I hooked my laptop back up, clicked "Read Tweecer", then checked the Injector Firing Order table - all 0s. But the file I had just written to position #1 has a proper 351 / 5.0HO firing order loaded. :unsure::unsure:

What's going on here? And what should I check to try to resolve this?

It occurs to me as I'm typing this that I had a friend replace the capacitors on the ECU. I'm wondering if that could have something to do with this. I don't recall when I first noticed this problem, if it was before or after the capacitor replacement.
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