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Selling my Tweecer R/T.

The R/T Model allows you to see realtime data and datalog the information for tuning

This is barely used, ended up going a different route. Sells normally for around $570, asking $500 or best offer.

Price is flexible.

When I had it installed and the car ran for like a week before I blew the engine, I had all the wires routed behind the kick panel and up into the glove box, where the controler and USB cable was. Wouldn't even know it was there. It plugs right into the J3 port on the LA3. You can adjust pretty much anything you would need/want to adjust, injector size, when the fan turns on, rev limiter, etc. I'm pretty sure with an auto trans you can adjust shift points. I didn't have it working long enough for me to hook in the wideband and get and use the R/T function. It is somewhat user friendly, you will need to do some research, as with any tuner, to actually get a good tune or just take it to a tuner with a dyno. The Tweecer needs to be always attached to the EEC for the tune to stay. In other words it works just like a chip, the tune stays with it. All the software for it can be downloaded on the website

Let me know if you have any questions, I'll try to help you out.
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