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5.0 Trickflow Trackheat Upper, SN95 TB and Elbow

Trickflow Track Heat upper intake with 1 inch spacer. no lower intake $225 shipped

SVO elbow intake adapter for 94-95 mustang. $50 Shipped

Professional Products 75mm Throttle Body for 94-95 mustang. These throttle bodies have a built in IAC screw to adjust your idle air. $75 shipped

American Muscle CAI for 94-95 mustang(No air filter) This was shortened about an inch to fit on my car. $30 shipped

Pro Flow MAF for 19 lb injectors $50

Everything was in good working condition when removed
$325 shipped for all of it. Willing to seperate. Shoot me an offer. Need to sell

Below is the craigslist link with pics

5.0 mustang trickflow intake, TB and MAF

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