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Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Top-End Engine Kits for Ford 4.6L 2V *Free Shipping*

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Power Adder Solutions,Inc. is a Proud Distributor for Trick Flow Specialties. Please post your needs or PM for pricing with part numbers needed, We look forward to hearing from you!!

[email protected],Inc., Ford Mustang Performance Parts

Twisted Wedge® Top-End Engine Kits for Ford 4.6L/5.4L 2V

TFS-K519-380-375 Engine kit, 380 hp/375 ft.-lbs. torque, 44cc combustion chamber heads, each

TFS-K519-390-375 Engine kit, 380 hp/375 ft.-lbs. torque, 38cc combustion chamber heads, each

Get the most out of your Ford 4.6L 2V with Trick Flow® Twisted Wedge® top-end engine kits. Each kit is carefully tuned to deliver the right amount of horsepower and torque. Take the time and guesswork out of designing a winning combination and save some hard-earned cash. Twisted Wedge® top-end engine kits for Ford 4.6L 2V are built around a set of dyno-proven Twisted Wedge® cylinder heads with 185cc intake runners and your choice of 38cc or 44cc CNC-profiled and bowl-blended combustion chambers. You also get a hydraulic roller camshaft set, matching followers, lash adjusters, timing chains, a valve spring compressor tool, and intake and head gaskets.
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Happy Thanksgiving Corral.

what are the cams specs? price shipped to 78520

How much just for the 2v heads?
Whats the price for this kit?
Please Price for the 38 and 44 kits shipped to 22192, also, no chance of ptv issues with these heads & cams right?

How much for the twisted wedge top end kit for my 2v 4.6

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38cc combustion chamber heads to 35184
1 - 20 of 69 Posts
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