Hey guys, curious what you think I could get for my Tick Flow 170s with a -61cc chamber. Fully assembled.

My best friend's wife's cousin is selling a DSS 331 stroker long block and it comes with Trick Flow 185s. I looked around and I guess the 185s were discontinued or something, because they aren't on the TF website, but I was able to find a picture from about 10 years ago with the 185 logo milled into a Trick Flow head like the 170s or any other TF series head you buy from them.

Anyways, i'm curious what you guys think I could get from my Trick 170 heads with -61 CC chamber and the would would come fully assembled.

Somewhat recently when I bought my Fox about a year ago and didn't know it had TF heads on it, my friend had an extra set of fully assembled TF 170s. They were the older style ones without the Trick Flow design etched in the end and the "170" and "Twisted Wedge" etched on the side of the head. Anyways, I upgraded my alternator to a PA Performance 130 amp version and had to pull the bracket to cut it to make it fit for the larger alternator and saw the cursive style Trick Flow on the end and found out I had the TF top end kit and not just the TF Track Heat manifold. He's an excellent friend to me, so I just boxed the heads up and gave them right back to him.

He told me he sold them exactly the way they were for $1200 and the guy didn't haggle with him at all.

My TF 170s fully assembled have 10,300 miles on them. No issues at all. Could someone give me a rough estimate on what I could get for these? Thank you so much!

This sale would easily go towards the purchase of that long block. The guy wants $3,000 for it and all I have to do is transfer my Trick Flow Track Heat upper/lower manifold to complete it. It's a DSS 331 stroker with TF twisted wedge forged pistons. I have a complete build sheet and that's not really the point of this thread,

Just want an estimate on my fully assembled Trick Flow 170 heads with a -61cc combustion chamber.