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My advice would be to get a qualified auto technition to do this work. Installing a shifter is a pretty sizable mod. I tried to do mine myself and ended up having to take it to a dealership to finish it. You need specialized tools as well as a college degree in who knows what!
No flame intended here but this is WAY over board. This mod is one of, if not the most, basic mods and if you can't do it then you REALLY should have everything else paid for, including changing wipers and oil. I know not everyone can/wants to "turn a wrench", heck I don't want to half the time, but when it comes to this mod..... I dunno you gotta kind of wonder. Hell I've got a buddy of mine that is scared to death to touch his "BULLIET"!! Yes Bulliet. and he did this mod. Take yoru time, read directions, ask questions, and then ask questions about the answers!!! If not come to Indy and I'll charge you an arm and a leg to install it!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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