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Looking to trade a seriously modified race/light street 92 SALEEN notch for Mystic or 99 Saleen or clone. Car features serious chassis, engine, and body modifications. All parts replacable on car have been replaced with high end parts and custom pieces.
This car is featured on several websites, and has the only pre94 Lambo door conversion in existance, to my knowledge. The car is set up to look like an SA-10 with serious modification well beyond that. I am seeking a Mystic in trade or Saleen or Saleen clone in a newer body styling. I have had several people inquire, however; this is not your average car and requires special fuels and high cost to upgrade and maintain. This is not for the faint of heart, nor the faint of wallet.... This car runs on C16 fuel currently but can be detuned for 100 no lead throught the PMS installed system.
This car was intended for VERY light street duty. This is a STREETRACE CAR/NMRA RENEGADE SET_UP!
Email to [email protected]

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Mods current are as follows, several updates have been made, and some have changed and been upgraded. This list is not complete.

2. Tubular control arms w/sway mounts D&D
3. Motorsport B springs(rear only)
3. Polyurethane bushings (complete car)
4. Mega byte Jr. Rear lowers (adjustable)
5. HPM adjustable uppers (2 point on car adjust)
6. Twin Spal fans
7. Single ice sump Aftercooler set-up
8. Vortech T-trim Race cog driven #26 tooth cog
9. High Volume oil pump(new)
10. 7qt Canton with pick-up
11. TFS stage 2 heads aluminum
12. GT40 Custom upper and lower (replaced with TFS-R Upper and lower
13. 80# inject
14. Pro-M 83 meter original Pro-m 77 ALUMINUM LONG
15. Recaro SPG-RACER Shells with brackets
16 Rear seat delete
17. Cobra calipers
18. SN-95 spindles
19. Cobra rotors
20. Russel lines Fuel, oil, coolant, vaccuum, and aftercooler, and brakes(braided, and speed bleeders)
21. Cobra sway set-up (bars)
22. H.O. fibertrend hood (4" Cowl)
23. " "fenders glass
24. " "doors glass
25. " "decklid glass
26. mouldings (factory drip and door and seals) All bodycolor and polished
27. Factory new 1/4 glass
28. Tinted headlights and tail lights
29. -10 water lines in braided '30 feet from aftercooler
30. Comp cams valve covers (yellow) K&N stack and breather.
31. Torque link (HPM)
32. Blower brace (HPM)
33. S&W 14 point cage with window net kit
34. 3:73 gearset for rearend
35.Florida 5.0 Autometer cluster with 3 gauge pod in dash
36. Monster Tach 5" silver face autometer
37. Gauge pod all autometer (silver face)
38. SX Fuel pumps (twin set-up) with check valves and Y-blocks ...
39. Paxton blue fuel filters all applicable earls/russels fittings
40. 18" 1995 Saleen Chrome plated wheels w/10" rears
41. 235/40/18 front KUHMO SUPRA RUNFLATS ZR
42. 265/35/18 rear KUHMO SUPRA RUNFLATS ZR
43. 5 point harness system with RJS tags.
44. Triangle Engineering 12 gallon fuel cell with fittings
45. custom switchplate 5 covered EATON switches for all components
46. 3" Exhaust MAC with 2 chamber flows and SS tips
47. 1-7/8" Longtube BBK headers
48. Motorsport (yellow) wireset custom length
49. K&N breather (valve covers with stack)
50. Taylor aluminum battery box
51. all windows tinted 5%
52. Pro 5.0 shifter assembly on Trmec 3550 TKO with Synchromesh fluids
53. Dual friction centerforce clutch assembly with quadrant and cable from Steeda
54. Anderson PMS with low Impedance drivers and 3 bar map sensory, complete calibration set-up.
55. D&D coil over kit with Monroe GP struts
56. Earls check valves, -10 feeds
57. 2 Aeroquip "Y" blocks with all fittings
58. Dynomat complete deadener doors, roof, 1/4's and rear seating section
59. New Motorsport harness, injector harness, O2 harness and main sensory harness.
60. Lambo door conversion (DECAH) $1,599.00
61. Stainless air dam forward under core support. (custom)
62. 90mm ACCUFAB throttlebody
63. 377 Stroker probe pistons, Eagle rods, custom cam from Crane, full race shortblock.
64 MSD coil, harness, and 6BTM with race plugs and ceramic boots.
65. custom radiator bracket UPR polished.
66. 3 core Motorsport radiator with water wetter, and silicone hose upgrade

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SERIOUS INTEREST call 586-709-1511 SERIOUS ONLY !!!!!!
Looking for Mystic owner whom contacted me previously.....
Would prefer unmolested car, verts are a plus.
Got a Saleen or clone, you will receive priority.
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