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I keep blowing #1 fuse on my 97 GT with a 5 speed. I've had it to ford and a local "expert" on automotive wiring. Neither could find the problem.

Both went through the entire circuit for that fuse and didn't find anything. One thing neither wanted to do was open up the transmission to check a switch in there, so naturally I think that is where the problem is.

A couple of odd things: They blow all the time when the weather is hot and the car is hot when I start it. By hot I mean sitting in the sun, not necessarily warmed up via the engine. All winter I didn't have a problem and now I've blown 2 in the past 3 days.

First, can anyone point me to a wiring diagram for this car so I can see what switch they are afraid to check?

Second, anyone know if I can just unplug this switch from the transmission and see if I get it to go away?

Any other advice?


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