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Hey guys, I know this is short notice but I wanted to mention it for those in the area.

Here at Adamson Ford we're going to be holding free cookouts every weekend to raise donations for the victims of the horrible tornados that swept through our area this past week. We're giving out free food and drinks and all we ask is you show up and show your support (even if you can't donate that's ok).

We're going to be loading up u-haul trucks with supplies and donations and dispersing through the community in the coming days. So far we've already delivered over 8 E-350's full of food/water/clothing, we've feed over 600 people with bbq and we've held 3 charity car washes and cookouts to raise money/donations for the food banks and local church groups who are acting as distribution points.

We can use your help. Anything will help.

Adamson Ford
1922 2nd Ave. S.
205-563-48three4 (my cell/text)

If anyone needs directions just ask.

Thanks and God Bless:salute:
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