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Too little endplay in distributor shaft

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I have a reman Autolite distributor to install in a 302, but the shaft endplay is only .015". Ford says the endplay should be .024" to .035" and to "modify the collar if necessary." Can I achieve this by taking some material off the top of the collar to increase the available endplay? It looks like there's enough material there to safely take off at least .010".
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The more important clearance spec is the .005 between the block and the gear, which is why the collar spec is so wide - to prevent pushing/wearing the gear into the block. Ive test fit alot of oems and haven't seen the collar gap be that wide.

You can use a marking compound on the gear teeth and bottom to see if its an issue before modifying. Check how far the gear pattern engages with the cam and if it's hitting the block pad with it in and bolted down. The cam gear wear pattern should be as centered as possible, with that .005" gear to block clearance.
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