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ok I am thinkin of buying MSD ignition. the 6AL box, coil, wires. wondering what the advantages to this upgrade will be. will my car run better? quicker? what will happen, and should i buy it... Here are my current mods (i havnt upgraded the TB or air intake because i think im gonna supercharge it)

Windsor JR heads (Milled 10.5:1 compression), 1.6 Aluminum Roller Rockers, GT40 Intake, B-303 Cam, 24lb injectors, 190 lph Fuel Pump, Mac Equal Length Headers, Off Road H-Pipe, Flowmaster 2 Chambers, Spec Stage I clutch, Tremec TR3550 5 Speed, Pro 5.0 Shifter, Aluminum Drive Shaft, 3.55's Auburn Posi Unit, Mooser 31 Spline Axles, C Clip Eliminators, Saleen Racecraft Suspension, Kenny Brown Sub Frame Connectors, and a K&N air filter (in my stock air box... connected to my stock throttle body)

what do ya think??? whats next???

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