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Timing with a Bama SCT chip question

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Hello guys,
An 8 month 1995 cobra 347 engine rebuild project that's almost complete..except i couldn't get it to start yesterday :/

I'm not sure if any of these additions cause the problem with the timing/SCT chip. I've added the following;

Ed's custom cam
Lower/upper intake from cobra intake to Holley Systemax
cold air intake from BBK to Anderson power pipe
coil/distributor from stock to Performance distributors
throttle body from 70mm BBK to 75mm Professional products
stock to Borla cat-back exhaust.

My steps were;
disconnected the sprout
made sure it's on TDC on compression stroke.
Line up the distributor where the arm is pointing to cylinder #1's wire that indicated on the rotor cap. It was close but not not exactly on it so i just rotated the casing a bit to make the adjustment.
Am i doing this right?

Would the Bama SCT chip have anything to do with it? I'm assuming if i remove the SCT chip, the car wouldn't even start if timing is correct.

Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
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Sounds like it's set at 0 deg. I think the Bama chip intends base timing at 10 deg. You really need to find a timing light to verify.
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