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Ok so for starters I have a 95 mustang cobra with a on3 turbo kit. For a while now the car has basically been undrivable at speeds due to timing being retarded starting from about 1800 rpm and progressively getting worse till around 4krpm. This issue is still present whether the spout connector is in place or not, the only difference is that with the spout in the computer advances about 3-5 degrees but then starts retarding around 2k rpm till it finally won't rev anymore after pulling around 20+ degrees.
I have tested spout voltage at the tfi module and with spout OUT voltage sits around 5.1- 5.3V. At idle spout connector IN voltage raises to around 8.8-9V but as I raise rpm voltage drops to 3.3volts and stays there. Could someone tell me if this is a normal reading or what could be causing timing to be pulled with/without spout?
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