Ok bills have been hitting me so time to sell some stuff....

4 injector sets for sale. One only has a set of seven. All Ford or Accel. Selling all in one group for $225.00 shipped or best offer. I have these on Ebay as well with set price and make an offer if you feel comfortable buying that way.

Three sets will be Ford injectors. They're 19 to 24lb injector sets. One of the sets one has seven.
Blue top Ford Racing (if I remember right) F1TE-D9A (seven injectors), Yellow top FOTE-D5A, Yellow top FOTE-D5B

Accel is a full set and are 48lbers.

These are used n should be rebuilt imo - your call. Might be a money maker if someone rebuilds them and sells them. No time for me to rebuild them.

Shipping only to the continental U.S. only. Free shipping. These are in Connecticut.