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I stuck a TiAL Sport V band 1.45 A/R on my car. It has a 2.75" inlet so T4 size.

My old custom 1.25 A/R ported Borg T4 with 96/88 wheel ran about 2.1 drive pressure/boost ratio at 28 psi boost.

The TiAL 1.45 A/R with a 102/91 turbine wheel spooled a little slow for me. It had a drive pressure/boost ratio of 1.68 at 30 psi boost, but not enough compressor speed to work correctly staging. (I have a pretty tight converter and a fairly big cam and 225 heads.)

I swapped to a TiAL 1.17 A/R and my spool is as good as the old Borg. The drive pressure/boost is 1.71 at 30 psi boost. The high gear back pressure barely increased but the spool and low gear response changed dramatically.

I'm just posting this to give people an idea how a TiAL housing behaves compared to a heavily ported 1.25 A/R T4 Borg. The TiAL weighs less, is about the same general size, and significantly outflows the old ported T4 1.25 A/R I have.
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