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I got the Vortech in yesterday (pics coming soon) and it was a breeze! :cool: The only issue I came accross was finding the tap.
The install was really straight forward and the bracketry was pretty heavy duty :)
All in all the install was actually a relief compared to the ProCharger. :rolleyes: The ProCharger was pretty tuff with the intercooler and the crapy bracket.
Anyhow, the charger sounds awesome! :D It makes a little wistle at idle, enough for the trained ear to hear, but not enough to make you crazy in the car. It is the perfect balance of that wonderfull sound and staying sain while on long trips. :)
The ProCharger sounded like it was chewing on rocks, and whistled loud as hell.:eek:
All in all I am very satisfied with this kit, very complete and the directions are dam good compared to others I've seen.
A word to the wise though, put the belt in place before you bolt the blower down, :rolleyes: and make sure you gather all the tools you will need before starting the job, it will make it alot less a headache. I think minus the tap crap I went through, this could have been done in less than 4 hours.
Two thumbs up to Vortech! If anyone needs any help with thier install, don't hesitste to ask! :)
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