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I don't think it is because of the ports being connected. If it was, than the rear pass side would do the same on all our cars because it's the return line from the EGR.

One simple way to find out it to just remove the hose and put two plugs in the intake.

But i'm thinking the back two cylinders are running lean for some reason. If header tubes are glowing, i don;t think coolant would be able to cool it off that much. We are talking 1000 degrees vs. 180 degree coolant with a time limit of .5 seconds (not even really) to exchange heat. If anything, the moving coolant takes the heat away better than if it was to remain still if they were not joined

I don't think the hose is a problem but remove it and try anyway before hand. I think something else is causing those 2 cylinders , or maybe all of them, to run a bit lean. How are the 02 sensors? new? Do you get any engine running codes?

Oh yeah, i was also considering looping the back two ports together for a little more coolant flow. I'll just keep this in mind when i do
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