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TheShagg said:
check the spark plugs... thats an easy way to see if its lean or not

Most people reading a plug havent got a clue what they are looking for.

Even of those that do use several differnt reads as tunning. Most racers read the porcaline for the tell tale flakes of aluminum signifying detonation. Most Joe Street guys get a read on overall engine performance after several months/years of use, ie genral air fuel mixture, and or oil leaks etc...

For a read on cylinder temp and fuel curve at WOT, you need to cut the engine imeadiatly after a WOT run. And after having installled new plugs you read the strap electrode for length of "high temp" burn. TO know exactly what you want you need a few examples of GOOD engines to know when something isnt right. Basically though you want about an 1/8" or so "burn".

IF the gauge is already telling you your loosing fuel pressure at RPM, we know the problem....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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