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I have a tremec 3550 that I am selling, it started to whine the other day and I pulled over it will still drive and upshift and downshift in all gears. I was told by a local tranny shop they will rebuild it for $600. The transmission is at the shop now and I could get you in contact with them if you want them to rebuild it. However, I am picking it up tomorrow as I found a t56 from a friend for 1000. I am asking 500 for the transmission with the pro 5.0 shifter and I am firm on this price. If I dont sale it I will rebuild it myself I have always wanted to learn to build a tranny. If you buy the trans for 500 I will also throw in the centerforce dual friction clutch. I also have strange 10 way shocks that are new I ordered a kit from MM and have upgraded to konis. 100 plus shipping, I also have a borla cat back for an 95 that I am asking 275 plus the ride and paypal fees. That is my bottom dollar for the cat back and will not come off the price a dollar. It is a 750 cat back and my car has less than 60k miles on it. The catback was put on at 40000 so it has around 20k on the catback. I will post picks of all the parts later tonight.
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