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T-top weatherstrip help!

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OK, new to forum. Please don't give me the rant about keeping it original. 1983 GL T-top 5.0 car. Doors beyond repair and wantign to update with power windows/mirrors. I obtained a pair of 1987 doors (very clean) for a hardtop. The frames have been cut to match my original doors. The front and rear run-channel weatherstrip seems easy enough to locate and identify. However, the door belt inner and outters and confusing the hell outta me. I do NOT want the 81-86 style. There "seems" to be 2 different sts for 87-88 T-top cars. The doors I have are the earlier type not the pedestal mount mirrors. But I cannot identify which door belt inner/outters I need. The later 88 + stle has the rear run channel "cap" and door delt outter incorporated. Those are also the convertible style. Those must be for the pedestal style mirror doors. But which ones for the early 87 cars? Help! Pulling my hair out on this.
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i have an 87 t-top and i was in the same boat as you i replaced the doors with convertible doors that have the pedestal style sounds to me that you will need the 87-88 non pedestal style door seal .check with national parts depot they sell these things separate and can work with you over the phone.the t-top frame is the same dimensions the only difference is the trim that overlaps on the A-posts and B-posts.
Yeah, part of the problem is, I'd like to visualize the difference between my original 83 doors, and how early 1987 T-top doors are SUPPOSED to look/work/fit together. Mostly the inner/outter door belt weatherstipping, run channel front and rear, etc. BTW, has anyone made T-top doors from hardtop doors? How critical is the vertical and horizontal bracing that ford installed? Seems like it will be a b*tch to swap out the spot welded in horizontal brace.
people do this all the time as far as cutting regular doors i dont know about the bracing i would just go with convertible doors .
Yeah, convertible doors are the same thing, window glass is different though. The T-top leak repair manual talks about pre-82 T-top stangs that did not have this bracing, and installing the retrofit braces to cure stability problems within the door. I'm really already set on my path with these doors, invested to much into them already. I know others have done it.....they just havnt read this thread yet. If made your own T-top doors from hard top doors, contact me. If its an early 87 car, even more so. Thanks
mine is an 87 t-top mustang and i have 92 convertible doors that i swapped all the internals .the two sets of t-top glass were from 88 mustang t-top doors with the pedestal style mirrors.i had a set of doors that i spent alot of time on repairing only to change my mind and go with the mint set i have now.
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